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Looking for the best Affiliate Programs for New Zealand Business? You found it! These programs were live and working as at 02-06-2018, so there is no need to wade through a ton of broken links and out of date programs. But of course if you find one  of these affiliate programs has died since we checked then please let us know.


This affiliate program offers a tremendous return of 40% and an excellent conversion rate. This is our top pick for New Zealand Affiliate Programs.

Visitors can make their Last Will and Testament online. It is quick and easy - works well and looks good on any device.

This company has been making online wills since 2008.

Wotif Travel

Wotif is a leading provider of hotel accommodation, flight, car hire, package holidays and local activity products around the globe.

Monetise your website to its full potential and earn uncapped revenue by teaming up with Wotif. The benefits are endless – you can start leveraging one of New Zealand’s favourite online travel brands today!

Comissions range from 1% for flight bookings to 8% for activities.

Sales are validated and paid to affiliates after the booking has been consumed and cleared by Wotif. i.e. guest has checked out of the hotel and paid in full.
Commission payments will be paid directly to your nominated bank account once a month.

No Minimum
Range of Values

The Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions on qualifying revenue by linking to Apple Music and iTunes content like music, apps, books and more. Place affiliate links to songs, albums, artists, apps and more on your website, App or emails.

Commissions are eligible on sales for up to 24 hours after a user clicks on your iTunes link.

iTunes Music, Movies, TV,  Mac Apps, Mac In-Apps, iBooks, and paid apps earn a 7% commission rate while iOS In-Apps purchases earn a 2.5% commission rate.

You can earn a one-time 50% commission on the first month of a user’s subscription to Apple Music. Commissions are eligible on sales for up to 30 days after a user clicks on your Apple Music link.

No Minimum
Not Applicable
Camper Travel

Camper Travel offers selected agents an affiliate program that is second to none. Camper Travel is the only agent offering 24 hour reservations and customer support free call numbers for a product range across Australia and New Zealand and the recently added North American product range.

Our effective sales process will ensure higher than average conversion rates resulting in excellent returns for our partners.

No Minimum
Not Applicable
Travel Insurance

New Zealand's first TRAVEL INSURANCE only merchant portal.

Earn money from your existing website by linking to one or more of our brands.
All our merchant sites are optimised for conversion.
Fast and easy reporting, tracking and payment of commissions.

No Minimum
Fine Prints

Promote prints from New Zealand's largest art print store and earn affiliate commission on all sales made after a visitor clicks through from your website. Sell art prints from NZ's favourite artists on your website or blog and we will take care of everything else - orders, processing, delivery and customer service.

Bone Art

Genuine Hand-Crafted New Zealand & Pacific
Bone, Jade & Wood Wearable Art
The Bone Art Place is dedicated to the art of genuine hand crafted New Zealand and Pacific bone carving, jade carving and pearl shell carving in its many forms, from the very traditional Maori carving styles to the more contemporary designs for gifts and jewelry.

Some are set into sterling silver mounts, some are in the form of delicate earrings and others are unique gifts such as framed artworks or free standing sculptures.

No Minimum

The eNautical Maritime School was launched in 2002 and since then we have taught marine education to thousands of students across New Zealand.

eNautical has supplied courses to the NZ Fire Service, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Surf Life Saving New Zealand and the Department of Conservation. We’ve also delivered courses to many of the boating & sailing clubs, dive schools and colleges across Auckland.

eNautical was the first ever maritime school to offer a MRROC Home Study Course. Because our students study globally and eNautical is so accessible, we’ve attracted an international following with many expat Kiwis and sailors travelling to New Zealand enrolling in our online course.

No Minimum
Life Energy Solutions

EMF Protection Products & Energy Balancing
Electromagnetic radiation is certainly affecting our health more than anything else today. Unbiased scientific studies show that this radiation is causing us serious harm. We need emf protection from the 100 million times more electromagnetic radiation (EMF) than that of our grandparents’ generation.

Of course we all know this is utter garbage, but there are some who will believe it. Consider it a tax on stupidity.

Key Ghost

The Interface Security Affiliate Program is a revenue-sharing program that allows other internet sites to obtain commission for generating online credit card*sales for KeyGhost Ltd.

All you need is a website.
Signing up as an affiliate is totally free!

Join our Affiliate Program and earn money from your web site by commission on every online credit card* sale made by a visitor you send.

We will provide you some HTML code, a link and/or a banner displaying a graphic advertising our products, and for each of your visitors that click on your graphic or link and purchase from this site, you earn money!

All you have to do is to refer people to us!